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High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Double Wall Corrugated Pipe

HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe is a new type of pipe with annular structure outer wall and smooth inner wall. It was first successfully developed in Germany in the early 1980s. After more than ten years of development and improvement, it has developed from a single variety to a complete product series. It is very mature in production process and use technology. And in accordance with GB/T 19472.1-2019 "Buried Polyethylene (PE) Structural Wall Piping System" Part 1: "Polyethylene Double Wall Corrugated Pipe".

Key words

Product Details

hsResist external pressure

The annular corrugated structure enhances the ring stiffness of the pipe and the resistance of the pipe to soil loads.

hsEnvironmentally friendly and non-toxic

Polyethylene is a non-toxic raw material, much lower than the weight of concrete pipes, and has no impact on the environment.


The chemical stability is good, the wear resistance is even several times higher than that of steel pipes, and the service life can reach more than 50 years.

hsEasy construction and maintenance

Light weight, easy to carry and connect, quick construction and simple maintenance.

hsCold and impact resistant

It is not necessary to take special protection measures during construction above -30°C, and it has good impact resistance.

hslow engineering cost

Under the condition of equal load, compared with the solid wall pipe of the same material, it saves about half of the raw material.


Mechanical properties of HDPE double-wall corrugated pipes


skills requirement

Ring stiffness



Impact strength


Ring flexibility

The sample is smooth, no reverse bending, no cracking, and no disengagement of the two walls

Oven test

No bubbles, no delamination, no cracking

Creep rate