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Steel mesh skeleton plastic (polyethylene) composite pipe

In the past 20 years, new plastic pipes have been widely used in municipal, gas, power plant water intake and other fields. Especially with the continuous optimization and innovation of polyethylene polymerization technology, polyethylene materials with higher and higher tensile strength have emerged. The range of pressure grades used for plastic pipes has been expanded, especially in recent years, through the research of interdisciplinary technology, the introduction of steel-plastic composite technology has satisfactorily solved the problems of polyethylene (PE) pipes in terms of pressure grades, anti-corrosion, and effective flow caliber. , for a wider range of fluid conveying applications. Structure: This product uses the core layer of the coated high-strength steel wire as the reinforced skeleton, and uses special hot-melt adhesive and plastic to form a pipe by extrusion molding.

Key words

Product Details

hslong lasting

Long service life, under standard conditions, the product can be used safely for at least fifty years.

hsUltra high strength

Good toughness, even if the pipeline is severely deformed, it is difficult to break, and the seismic performance is very good.

hsEnvironmentally friendly and non-toxic

Non-toxic, safe and hygienic, polyethylene itself is a non-toxic and renewable material that will not pollute the environment.


It has good corrosion resistance, a wide range of corrosion-resistant media, and excellent product performance.

hsEasy to construct

The pipeline is light in weight and can be bent, with excellent construction performance and low construction cost.

hsgood sealing

Using the electrothermal fusion method, the pipe and the pipe fittings are fused together, so that the pipe joint does not leak and has good sealing performance.

hssmooth inner wall

The inner wall is smooth and non-scaling, the conveying resistance is small, and the water conveying capacity of the same inner diameter is 30% higher than that of the steel pipe.


Good fast crack growth and slow crack growth transfer resistance, more durable.


project index
Hydraulic test Water supply series Temperature: 20℃; Time 1h; Pressure: Nominal pressure x 2 No rupture, no leakage
Temperature: 60℃; Time 165h; Pressure: Nominal pressure x 1.2
Temperature: 60℃; Time 1000h; Pressure: Nominal pressure x 1.1
burst pressure test Water supply series Temperature: 20℃; burst pressure ≥ nominal pressure x 3.0 blasting
Thermal stability (200℃) min >20
Weather resistance (after the pipe has received 23.5GJ/m2 of aging energy) Meet the hydraulic test requirements of this standard and maintain good welding performance.



Nominal pressure correction factor

temperature t/°C 0≤t≤20 20≤t≤30 30≤t≤40 40≤t≤50 50≤t≤60 60≤t≤70 70≤t≤80
Correction factor 1 0.95 0.9 0.86 0.81 0.76 0.71

Peel strength: should be tested in accordance with the test method specified in GB/T32439-2015, peel strength value ≥ 150N/cm



Performance comparison table of steel mesh reinforced polyethylene composite pipe and steel pipe and ductile iron pipe

Contrast material Hygiene/Environmental Corrosion resistance Pressure/Shock Resistance hydraulic properties
Steel mesh skeleton plastic (polyethylene) composite pipe High density polyethylene, high strength steel wire (HDPE/ST) Green It has double-sided anti-corrosion properties, good acid resistance, alkali resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and excellent soil electrochemical corrosion resistance. The pressure bearing capacity of the composite pipe far exceeds that of the pure plastic pipe and is close to that of the steel pipe. No scaling on the pipe wall, strong flow capacity
Steel Pipe Steel (ST) There is secondary pollution, easy to rust Difficult anti-corrosion treatment, poor local anti-corrosion performance; high cost of anti-corrosion engineering Good pressure resistance The inner wall is rough, the water resistance is large, and it is easy to scale and cause the flow capacity to decrease.
Ductile Iron Pipe Iron (ST) Easy to breed bacteria, easy to produce "yellow water" phenomenon Need to do lining and anti-corrosion treatment, poor anti-corrosion performance Poor impact resistance The tube wall is rough and the relative flow capacity is poor


Connection and sealing performance Monomer quality construction period cost thermal insulation life
Excellent sealing performance and high connection reliability The weight of the composite pipe is light. Taking dn400 as an example, the weight of the composite pipe is 25kg/m, which is only 1/2 of the steel pipe. The construction period is short, the human, material and financial resources invested are low, and the construction cost is low The thermal conductivity of steel pipes is large (48w/m2.k), and corresponding insulation treatment must be done when transporting these media. Generally, a thick layer of polyurethane insulation material is laid on the outer surface of the steel pipe 50 years
Human factors are large and the operation is more complicated The weight of the single pipe is heavy, taking 420*6 as an example, the weight is about 63kg/m The construction period is long, the human, material and financial resources invested in the construction are large, and the construction cost is high Good pressure resistance 10-25 years
The construction conditions are relatively high, and the installation quality is greatly affected by human factors Monomer weight: dn400: 81.00kg/m The construction is complicated, the construction period is long, and the total construction cost is high Poor impact resistance 10-25 years