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Buried polyethylene (HDPE) hollow wall wound pipe

HDPE hollow wall winding pipe is a kind of structural wall pipe made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) by winding molding process. The implementation standard is based on GB/T19472.2 2017 "Buried Polyethylene (PE) Structural Wall Piping System" Part II: "Polyethylene Winding Structural Wall Pipe", this pipe is suitable for municipal water transport temperature below 45"C Drainage, building outdoor drainage, buried farmland transportation and drainage, industrial sewage, road drainage, sewage treatment plants, sports ground plaza engineering drainage and electrical and telecommunication engineering, etc. Because the HDPE hollow wall winding pipe is a chemical building material. Protecting the environment is of great significance.

Key words

Product Details

hsLarge diameter variety

The inner diameter of the hollow wall winding pipe is 220mm~1600mm, which is suitable for different projects.

hsEnvironmentally friendly and non-toxic

Polyethylene is a non-toxic raw material, much lower than the weight of concrete pipes, and has no impact on the environment.

hsCorrosion resistant and durable

Good chemical resistance: not corroded by sewage and chemicals, and not corroded by corrosive substances in soil.

hsEasy construction and maintenance

Reliable connection and convenient construction: the socket-type connection is fast and convenient, and no large equipment is required. The pipes can be connected outside the ditch first and then placed in the ditch, which reduces man-hours and reduces construction, management and maintenance costs.

hsUltra high strength

The pipe wall adopts the "G"-shaped structure, which has excellent resistance to stamping and external load, and has good material toughness. After external force, the deformation recovery is strong, the product has excellent anti-settling resistance, and has good adaptability to any foundation.

hsCold and weather resistant

Excellent cold resistance and aging resistance: The pipes are usually black and can withstand direct sunlight during storage and construction. In low temperature environments, they will be cracked and expanded to cause leakage.


Hollow Wall Winding Indicator

project skills requirement
Ring stiffness


Impact strength


Ring flexibility The sample is smooth, no reverse bending, no cracking, and no disengagement of the two walls
Oven test No bubbles, no delamination, no cracking
Creep rate