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   Our Advantages

(1) Brand awareness and high reputation

Huaxi Village, well-known throughout the country, is currently a very rich village in China. Each family in the countryside has three three three-storey villas, the new rural building in the air in West China.Design height328metres,74layer,Total investment exceeds30Billion yuan.

(2) Market advantages:

Steel Wire Mesh Framework (Polyethylene) Composite Pipe/PEWater supply pipes and fittings/Large caliber traction tube/HDPEDouble-wall bellows/PEGas pipes and fittings/At the same time, power cable bushing manufacturing enterprises, municipal projects have a wide range of applications, great opportunities for engineering cooperation, and strong competitiveness.

(3) Product advantages:

Provide high-quality products for the market, be responsible to taxpayers, ensure50 years of service life, competitive price, welcome to compare

(4) Brand advantages:

Authoritative recommendation, testing reports at all levels, certificates of honor, complete demonstration projects

1Huaxi Village, sales of this brand series products reach1000Billion yuan

2National, provincial and municipal testing reports, certificates of honor, demonstration projects, and products supplied by designated projects in some cities

(5) Advantages of government resources: As a model of rural learning throughout the country, we have maintained good interaction with leaders at central, provincial, municipal, district and county levels, enjoying priority or certain psychological tendencies in many project cooperation.

(6) Marketing advantages:

Providing marketing plan and formulating market protection

1The whole countryCI,100010,000 advertising support, professional subordinates to assist sales, installation personnel training, etc.

2Advantages of intra-industry planning

(7) Service Advantage: Firms build an interactive and mutually beneficial marketing system and conclude a win-win situation

1Long-term assistance in project bidding, project negotiation and distribution network construction in the form of office

2Full track and all-round after-sales service to ensure that agents have no worries

(8) Investment advantages:

1Low threshold of agency operation and long-term profitability

2Zero-risk alliance, withdrawal company responsible for returning goods

3Flexible ways of cooperation aRegional Authorized AgentbProject-specific Authorized AgentcA monopoly or counter.dCooperative Branch, Office

(9) Profit advantage:

1Super Low Supply Price and Marketing Whole Course Planning Support

2Regional advantages to ensure good quality, low production costs and logistics costs

3No stock pressure, not affected by market price changes

Joining conditions:

1Voluntary franchise company product sales system, can abide by and sign the contract and recognize the company's brand management philosophy.

2There is a certain social relationship in the local area, or there are sales networks and government resources.

3Adequate liquidity.

4With management ability, good reputation, reliable creditworthiness, certain management experience and high overall quality.

5It has its own business premises.

If the conditions for joining the franchise are more than one, it will be enough.

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